Landmark Centre

Blend of high rise commercial, educational and retail.

The Landmark Centre, while it has always been known for its professional business atmosphere is now undergoing an evolutionary expansion into a walkable, pedestrian village with an emphasis on convenience, environment & both indoor as well as outdoor amenities.

The vision of the future Landmark Village is driven by true promise of Okanagan lifestyle; live work balance, activity & community.

Currently under construction & within the Landmark community the Landmark Apartments will become home to approximately 160 inspired residential units. Landmark Centre is truly becoming a community you can call Home.

Landmark Centre today features premium facilities, modern design, unprecedented support and services; the Landmark Village of tomorrow promises lush green space, where tenants and residents alike will live, work & create together!

LM7 is a 25-storey modern build office tower that is the newest edition in the Landmark District. With this newest tower, The Landmark District now offers seven buildings and over 1,000,000 total square feet.

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