What We Do (Services)

Building Automation

Automated control of a buildings mechanical and HVAC systems are crucial to its operation. As multiple systems are used in larger buildings, it is crucial that these systems communicate with each other, and work together. Genesis Controls offers full building automation services to ensure you’re operating the most comfortable, efficient and maintenance friendly facility.


With today’s rapidly evolving technology, it is becoming natural for us to grab our smartphones to do just about everything. Why not use that same device to access your control system? With older, proprietary systems, this can be a very daunting task. With the power of Niagara N4 and Honeywell Building Controls, Genesis Controls has the ability to seamlessly integrate all your old technologies into one user friendly graphical user interface. All our systems are web based which means you can access them from any device that has internet access. And with custom HTML5 graphics built for every job, we can tailor your site to how you want it to look.

Smart Building

All this technology would be for nothing if it didn’t make our lives easier. With a smart building, you can setup activity based actions for convenience, comfort, efficiency, or just for ease of operations. Genesis Controls has the ability to provide almost endless possibilities of what your building can do for you.

Winery/Brewery Controls

Controls in the winery and brewery industry can be as simple as controlling one or two tanks, or as complex as controlling your entire process plant. Let the experts at Genesis Controls take the stress of your process equipment away so you can get back to doing what you do best… producing the Okanagan’s best wines and beers. Cheers!

Gas Detection

Accurately sensing and controlling various gas levels is very important for occupant comfort and safety. From indoor air quality (IAQ) sensing, hydroponic environments, to hazardous environment control, Genesis Controls knows gas detection.