Honeywell Optimizer

The Open Alternative: Honeywell Optimizer

An inherently open framework, Honeywell Optimizer empowers businesses to harness the full potential of the Internet of Things. In its latest release, WEBs 4.11, formerly branded as Honeywell WEBs, Optimizer introduces a range of new features designed to assist you in seamlessly delegating control and management tasks to intelligent edge devices.

As devices and systems engage in communication, they generate valuable data. Optimizer Analytics transforms this data into actionable insights, enabling proactive identification and mitigation of potential issues.

Expand your building automation business seamlessly with N4 Enterprise Security, effortlessly incorporating security without the need to master a new platform. For clients who already have N4 BAS in place, integrating N4 Enterprise Security is a straightforward and simple add-on.

The Healthy Buildings Dashboard offers immediate access to real-time facility performance data. It allows for tracking, monitoring, reporting, and managing facility Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) centered around indoor air quality.

Access Sylk Actuator Analytics on-demand within the Niagara Framework. Gain insights into device health and usage, receive alarms, and effortlessly generate reports to optimize your system’s performance.

GENESIS building controls is a Honeywell Authorized Controls Integrator (ACI) serving British Columbia with offices in Kelowna and Vancouver. 

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